Keep Your Prospects Engaged by Delivering Custom Drip Messages.

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Creating Email Templates

The email autoresponder software helps you design personalized email templates with easy-to-create drag and drop options in less than minutes. Create email templates or choose from our template library and customize them to suit your requirements. Send emails quickly by saving your favorite templates for repeated use in the future.

Automate Confirmation Emails

Planning to host an event? Ensure your participants experience a smooth registration process with the help of CentraHub CRM’s robust web submission forms and event-exclusive landing pages. Create an email containing all the necessary information about the event and add it to the CRM system. Send the message as an auto-reply confirmation email every time an applicant registers for the event.

Send Follow-up Emails

CRM email autoresponder ensures your leads are being followed up at regular intervals. Nurturing prospects has now become an easy task with our sophisticated email automation tool. Send action-based emails to prospects from all stages in your sales life cycle. Automate customized follow-ups and enjoy the extra time to increase your business productivity.

Target Audience

If your email campaigns are specific to a group of audiences, the automation tool can streamline your efforts towards the target market. For example, if you’re planning to launch your products in Southern California, you can assign the autoresponders to introduce your brand to all the contacts in your database who lives in the region.

Promotional Emails

Who wouldn’t want to leverage the holiday season to maximize sales? The email automation tool in CentraHub CRM allows you to plan and schedule promotions on time such that you never miss out on a lead generation opportunity. Plan email campaigns and promote them beforehand to stay ahead of your competition. Help your marketing reps outdo their targets with email automation right on time.

Time-based Scheduling

CentraHub CRM’s email automation feature enables you to send time-based emails to help you convert leads faster. For example, you can auto-respond with a series of emails right from when you get a subscriber. Send a welcome email and then follow-up with a series of action-based emails until the prospect reaches the final stage of the lead life cycle. Once the leads are sales-ready, the system forwards them to your sales team to close the deal.

Real-time Notifications

Receive real-time notifications when your subscriber opens your email or clicks on the link embedded in it. Stay up-to-date on your lead’s status and constantly monitor prospects’ interactions through instant and real-time notification mechanism.

Measure the Results

Track and measure your email campaign metrics with CentraHub CRM’s advanced email reports and analytics. Generate reports at regular time intervals to understand email performance. Track email open rates, number of links clicked, number of unsubscribes, and many more metrics to measure results effectively.l.
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