Arm Your Sales Team with Time-Saving Tools for Effective Customer Management

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Customer Information

Our customer tracking software makes life easy by providing the right information at the right time. Streamline contact information of prospects and customers into your CRM database to access customer contact information anytime. Manage multiple contacts by grouping them according to your requirements and tracking each group's progress time and again.
Empower your service reps with customer tracking tools, which provides them with a 360-degree view of the customers, their complete purchase history, and their interactions with your company.

Product Information

Your customers would want to know every detail of their purchase. Create custom-made product catalogs that provide complete product information via Worksbot CRM's customer tracking tool. Include warranty information, type of contract, and other crucial details and attach them to the purchase order such that your customers get a bird's-eye view of their purchase.
Delight your customers with abundant information on the products and services they aspire to buy. Help them make informed decisions with our latest and customizable product catalogs, handbooks and price books.

Service Requests

Manual processing of customer tickets is a thing of the past. Streamline and track individual customer tickets and save every single customer interaction in your CRM database. Access previously raised service tickets by any customer to understand and provide tailor-made solutions that best fit their requirements.
Our customer support tracking software has a data repository of customer tickets, which gives crucial information such as the service reps to whom the tickets have been assigned to, with information on who closed which ticket on what date and time. Manage tickets like a pro. With the advanced tracking system, increase your customer retention rates and provides the shortest response time to any ticket.

Customer Metrics

The adept customer tracking tools in Worksbot CRM help you track and analyze crucial customer metrics such as the number of tickets raised, the number of sales converted, the percentage of repeat customers, etc. Select your favorite metrics and display them on a customizable sales dashboard to constantly monitor and track customer behavior throughout your sales lifecycle.
Make informed decisions with powerful customer tracking software to drive better revenue growth.

Real-time Notifications

Constantly track customers’ purchase journeys with real-time notifications and alerts that help you stay up-to-date on each stage of your customer life cycle. Receive desktop, laptop, and mobile phone notifications every time your customer attempts to reach you. Utilize customer service tracking software to monitor and moderate notifications to improve your service teams’ performance.
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