Visualize Your Customer Support Activities and Deliver Solutions Faster

Unify Incoming Tickets
Set-Up Notifications
Auto-reply to Customers
Assign Tags to Categorize

Unify Incoming Tickets

Customers and prospects try to reach you from various online sources. As the business grows, it gets tedious to maintain spreadsheets for every data. Deploy Worksbot CRM and forget juggling between spreadsheets and manual paperwork to maintain a record of customer conversations. Leverage helpdesk software to streamline incoming tickets from multiple sources onto a single platform. Its latest service dashboards display includes complete ticketing system information such as the number of new tickets raised, pending tickets, closed tickets, and many other crucial metrics necessary to help you improvise customer experience.

Live Chat

Nothing matters more than better customer support experience in today's business world. Offer quick and canned responses with chatbots through live chat on your website. Instantly reply to repeatedly asked questions and help customers find what they are looking for.
Engage in meaningful customer conversations and provide personalized solutions to build long-lasting customer relationships..

Knowledge Base

Enable your customers to help themselves. Worksbot CRM's helpdesk ticketing system records every client conversation in its database. Select frequently asked customer questions and build a knowledge base with solutions to these queries. Customers love to find answers without any external support. It is quick and a smarter way to reduce the burden on your support team members as customers receive help without even having to contact them.

Contact Information

Our helpdesk ticketing software offers a 360-degree view of customer contact information. It allows you to access complete contact data right from the day a lead gets registered in your CRM software until the time this lead converts into a sale. Track each stage of the customer lifecycle and record conversations in the contact database for future reference. The previous purchase and ticket history of individual lead helps you generate personalized solutions.

Automate Helpdesk Services

We have the best helpdesk software that cuts your service reps workload in half. Automate helpdesk services with Worksbot CRM and enable workflow rules to identify incoming tickets based on keywords and route them to service reps who can provide expert solutions within a minimum response time. The support desk software recognizes the frequently asked questions and sends appropriate autoresponders without even bothering the service reps to review the tickets..

Streamline and Prioritize Tickets

Businesses operate under tight deadlines. Not every customer ticket bares equal urgency. Our helpdesk ticketing software helps you streamline all your tickets and identify the ones which require immediate attention. Mark the tickets and prioritize them with color codes, enabling your reps to cater services based on the urgency of the situation.
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