Track, Categorize and Prioritize Incidents for Driving Efficiency to The Resolution Process

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The Best Incident Management Software on Cloud

Worksbot’s incident management software unifies all your incident management operations on a centralized platform. With its help, you could instantly identify an issue, define SLAs, set deadlines, assign it to the appropriate team reps, track and monitor incident status, automate incident escalation and ensure it is resolved within the shortest possible time frame. Record, store, and share incident management data among your teammates with a single click. You could also save this information for future reference and training purposes.

Assign and Track Issues

Worksbot’s enterprise incident management software helps you immediately identify an issue and automatically assign it to your team reps who are best suited to solve it in the least possible time. Its predefined workflow is triggered automatically and sends out notifications and alerts as soon as an incident occurs.
Track the incident from the time of occurrence to resolution with complete transparency, including details such as who the issue has been assigned to, what is the time taken and what steps were executed to address it.

Account Document Management

Reduce workload by automating various tasks of incident management. Worksbot’s automated incident management solutions ensure that your assigned issues are actively resolved with minimal manual intervention. It tracks the activities of the reps who oversee the resolution activities and reports the status in real time. For example, if the assigned representative fails to resolve an issue, Worksbot’s incident management system automatically redirects the issue to a different, more qualified rep. With Worksbot’s incident management software, you could track and resolve issues faster by using sophisticated incident management tools to guide and assist you.

Prioritize Issues

Not every incident requires equal urgency and importance in terms of response. Set predefined rules which would help you automatically prioritize issues to resolve them faster. Worksbot’s incident management software quickly identifies issues and categorizes them based on their level of urgency based on user-defined priority rules. Help your workers operate more productively by enabling them with automated incident management solutions.

Contract Information

Define and draft service level agreements (SLAs) for your clients and customers with the help of Worksbot’s enterprise incident management software. Select from a wide range of SLA templates and customize them to suit your requirements with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop options. Define and specify the type of contract, start and end dates, deadlines and task escalation rules.

Monitor Issue Status

Worksbot’s incident tracking software provides you with live updates on the status of each issue. Track and monitor incidents right from your dashboard and make informed, data-driven decisions. Automatically escalate issues and support your reps by reducing their burden to resolve incidents faster.
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