Ensure customer satisfaction with an Online CRM for Consulting, Financial and Other Services

Service based companies rely heavily on customer satisfaction to speed up growth and boost their revenue. A CRM software plays a vital role for professional service providers as it helps in increasing cross-selling, up-selling, client retention and lead generation.

Trend Analysis
Price Books
Task Management
Reports And BI
However, generic CRM software and applications are not equipped to handle industry specific features that could provide users with an edge over their competitors. Continuing with conventional CRM solutions would slow down the business as they are limited in their capabilities. WorksbotHub’s vertical specific CRM software solutions are equipped to handle all the unique requirements of service-based companies and would help businesses improve their workflows, resulting in customer satisfaction.

WorksbotHub’s Service Management Software

WorksbotHub CRM is a cloud-based CRM software designed to cater to the needs of businesses that provide professional services. It is a multi-capability solution that could be customized to include industry specific features and options, making it far more capable than a conventional CRM and more of a comprehensive, all-encompassing business management tool for service companies including financial and consulting organizations
Trend Analysis

Analyze repeat-customer trends, activity patterns, purchasing preferences and cash flows to effectively manage and optimize sales pipelines.


Administer and manage the operations of professional services across the service ecosystems from a single software on a centralized database.

Service Delivery

Deploy advanced tools for on-time service delivery. Improve workflows by automating redundant tasks through the CRM software.