One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses while managing projects is running behind schedule and going overboard with the budget. To avoid this, businesses require robust CRM solutions that infuse all aspects of the project in a single platform, to have maximum and constant visibility over resources, operations and most importantly, time.

Communications Engine
Document Management
When compared to the conventional scheduling and budgeting software, online CRM for project management have much more to offer. These are multi-capability software and cloud-based solutions that help users in all phases of project planning, execution and analysis, with powerful features to improve accuracy in estimations, scheduling, costing and supply chain logistics. WorksbotHub’s CRM software are known for fulfilling these needs while also giving users the flexibility to customize the application to suit their specific requirements.

WorksbotHub’s CRM for Project Management

WorksbotHub CRM is a Cloud-based software that encompasses all aspects of project management such as project planning, time and resource management, compliance with contract requirements and observation of accounting standards. It allows users to progress through the tendering stages of each project with automated workflow governance controls and stage-based tools that facilitate estimation, quotation, version tracking and winning of tenders using tools that provide accuracy.
Payment & Revenue Recognition

Payments are triggered in the corresponding accounts via the system. The revenue recognition determines conditions for revenue accounting and displays the monetary value earned.

Project Acquisition, Estimation & Quotation

The acquisition stage begins with the enquiry and ends with the issue of a sales order. You could initiate department-wise estimation.


Progress through the tendering stages with automated workflow governance tools that equip you with estimation, quotation, version tracking and other vital features.