Increase Closures and Reduce Time Spent on Redundant Sales Order Tasks

Automated Sales Orders

Integrated Payment Process
Sales Order Tracking
Customizable Templates

Create Sales Order

Automate repetitive sales closure procedures. Use our sales order management software to generate online sales orders in minutes. Leverage our latest order management tools to create and send sales orders while you're on the go. Access custom templates to quicken the sales order generation process and convert more sales.

Product Information

Create custom product catalogs for individual customers to personalize their shopping experience. Mention complete product details such as bar codes, seller details, pricing, discount percentage, shipping details, etc. Store product catalogs in your CRM software database and access them anytime, anywhere. Display complete product information to help your customers make informed decisions.

Price Books

Worksbot CRM software simplifies sales order management with the aid of the product price books tool. Create price books with various pricing models and volume discounts for multiple customer segments. That is, you can create separate price books for wholesale and retail customers. Segregate and organize price books according to product categories to enable a smooth shopping experience.

Payment Mode

Striving to get rid of fuzzy payment procedures? We are here to help you. All-in-one Worksbot CRM software provides a single platform to complete all your payment procedures. Quicken your sales transactions with our latest order generation tools and drive more leads through an optimized sales funnel.

Generate Quotations

Generate sales quotes on the spot with our order management software. Select from a wide range of custom templates and create quotations. Attach a relevant price book, discount patterns, tax rates, and, if required, send the quote to higher authorities for approval. Delight customers with professional, accurate, and to-the-point quotations and persuade them to purchase.

Track Your Sales Order

Receive instant notifications about order placements and shipping details of customers. Enable management of stock availability across the warehouses in multiple locations and keep track of shipments from warehouse to customer doorsteps. Get a complete overview of product status and constantly engage in sales order management with Worksbot CRM software..
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