Contract Management Software to Help You Quickly Organize and Manage Your Documents

Personalized Dashboard
Monitor Contract Portfolio
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Alerts to Manage Timelines

Complete Contract Information

Worksbot's contract management software offers you a centralized platform to unify all your contract management efforts. Streamline contracts with agencies and third-party vendors on a single platform and maintain records of complete contract information, starting from the beginning of the initial draft. Get insights into contract activities and follow-up with contracts regularly without failure.

Status of the Contract

Worksbot CRM software simplifies contract lifecycle management with its advanced tools that indicate contract status. Keep track of your contract renewal and expiry dates with push notifications and email alerts that help you regulate renewal processes well in advance. Constantly monitor the contract status to stay a step ahead of your clients and vendors.

Contact Information

Leverage Worksbot CRM's contract management system database to access the complete contact information of all the parties with whom you have signed a contract. Get a 360-degree view of your contacts with details about their previous purchase history and tickets raised to understand and draft personalize agreements in the best interest of both parties.

Review and Approval

Contract management often involves multiple contract iterations between contract approval and renewal procedures. Define workflow rules to streamline the processes involved. Make changes to your contract terms anytime, anywhere in less than minutes, and automatically run contracts terms through the hierarchy of your business to collect required signatures before it is sent to your customer or vendor for validating the agreement.

Billing Information

We have the best contract management software to track your billing by recording every activity that your agents perform during the billing process. Draft invoices using the CRM by selecting from a wide range of billing methods such as billing by the number of working hours, resources utilized, targets achieved, etc. Automate your billing procedures to make transactions with various clients and third-party vendors and save this information in your contact database for future reference.

Document Management

Worksbot CRM simplifies document management like never before. Integrate with Google Drive, DropBox, iCloud, and other cloud-based file storage providers and create a centralized platform to share and store all your documents online.
If you do not have a cloud storage facility for your business yet? Nothing to worry about, create, store, and access files 24/7 through Worksbot CRM's cloud-based document management platform. Easily attach relevant files from your document library while creating and sending contracts.
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