Maximize Team Performance and Boost Efficiency.

Automated Task Allocation

Reminders and Tracking

Task Prioritization
Reports and Analysis

Assign Tasks to Employees

Excel in employee task management by assigning the right tasks to the right employees. Set task completion time, due dates and balance work across team members to boost work productivity and achieve results faster. Eliminate bottlenecks in project management with the best task management software. Track the actual time taken to complete a certain task and compare it with the specified completion time to evaluate each employee’s efficiency.

Create Groups for Better Project Management

A project usually consists of many groups. Each group would have different members with confidential content only to be viewed by specific individuals. Worksbot’s project task management software enables you to create groups and assign tasks specific to each group, conduct meetings and share relevant content with user-defined access to protect confidential documents

Set Reminders and Stay on Track

Juggling with multiple tasks often leads to inefficiency in work. Help your colleagues and subordinates stay on track by sending them timely reminders via phone calls, SMS and emails.

Categorize Tasks and Assign Contact Persons

Categorize tasks based on project domain, due dates, status, etc. to streamline task management and complete work faster with better efficiency. Create custom categories and distribute tasks within the predefined categories.
Assign a contact person to each task who is responsible for completing it on time. Access the history of each task which describes all the activities that have taken place till date.

Assign Status and Prioritize Tasks

Organizations handle hundreds of operations every day and not every task requires immediate attention. Worksbot CRM allows you to assign a status to each task, such as new activity, follow-ups, urgent, etc. to identify and cater to those that require immediate attention. Worksbot’s task management software enables easy prioritization of work/operations with different color codes that denote priority levels to ensure you never miss or forget critical tasks due to busy schedules.

Leverage Pre-defined Email Templates

In many situations, certain daily tasks tend to be recurrent. Do not strain your sales reps by imposing recurring workload. Leverage Worksbot’s pre-defined email templates and accelerate the task completion process with minimum efforts. You could also create and customize email templates that you think would reduce your daily task time.
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