Send Relevant Personalized Messages to Your Target Audience.

Pre-Built Messages
Schedule On-Time
Analyze Open Rate
Set Reminders

Create SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS has higher open rates than emails. Create successful campaigns with SMS marketing software to broaden your audience reach. Send bulk and individual messages to your target audience to deliver the right message at the right time. Create SMS campaigns from the CRM and automatically send text messages by selecting the date and time of delivery. From customer awareness to sales transactions, send links via SMS that direct your prospects to landing pages or complete any specific action.

Create SMS Templates

Experience mobile marketing at its best. Select from our wide range of prefabricated templates that cater to various business promotions, type in your message and hit send. Save your favorite message templates on your dashboard for repeated usage and launch successful SMS marketing campaigns with a swipe of your finger.

Build up Contact List

Import phone numbers of your prospects to the contact database from your desktops or any other external sources in just a single click. The text message marketing software helps you collect data online through easy-to-create web forms that automatically updates phone numbers in your contact information. Use the marketing automation tool to nurture your leads appropriately.

Segment Your Audience

An individual receives hundreds of text messages every day. What makes your SMS unique? Our SMS marketing automation tool comes with audience segmentation features. It provides you access to the customers' purchase history stored in the CRM and helps you categorize your contact database for sending them personalized SMS. Outsmart your competitors by sending personalized messages to the prospects that have higher open rates.

Activate Auto-responders

SMS marketing automation tool in Worksbot CRM helps you send auto-responders to incoming SMS from prospects and clients. Set triggers to identify keywords in the incoming messages and automate responses to save time and effort. You can also route incoming enquiries to selected support team members to provide best-in-class solutions.

Measure Campaign Results

We have the best CRM for SMS marketing that offers real-time reports and analytics to measure mobile marketing campaign results. The daily reports enable you to analyze SMS open rates, links clicked, unsubscribes, etc. Also, these reports help in making informed decisions that can significantly alter your marketing strategies.
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