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Multichannel Support
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What is a Ticketing System Software?

Customers and potential prospects reach customer service representatives to discuss and resolve queries through multiple channels of communication. Each incoming conversation is registered as a ticket to streamline the process of customer support service. Raise tickets, track progress, resolve issues, and close tickets effortlessly with our robust helpdesk ticketing system software.

Ticket Management Made Easy

Create accounts combing lead data as per your requirements. Identify the lead source immediately once you open your account and segregate the data according to their sources for creating more optimized campaigns. Obtain the best marketing tactics to target your audience and send the right message to the right person.
Create tickets, send canned responses to frequently asked questions, add notes, assign tickets to service reps, and close tickets faster to maximize productivity.

Track the Ticket Request Channel

Create a unified platform to receive tickets from various communication channels such as website, social media, email, etc. Access all your tickets on a single CRM dashboard irrespective to the source of the ticket. Track individual ticket request channel and determine the channels through which maximum tickets get registered. Efficiently utilize this data to engage with the audience of the channels with maximum tickets to draw more leads into your sales funnel.

Assign Tickets to Service Reps

Worksbot ticket management system further simplifies help desk ticketing by allowing its users to generate predefined workflows which can automatically route tickets to appropriate service reps who can provide an expert solution to a given ticket in no time.
Therefore Worksbot's ticketing system software enhances work efficiency by identifying a ticket and utilizing predefined workflows to route ticket to the right service personnel.

Track the Ticket Request Status

It is easy to lose track of tickets when multiple customer queries bombard your inbox. Hence, to avoid the confusion, assign ticket status such as new, follow-ups, pending and closed tickets, etc. Prioritize tickets which require immediate attention to save brand reputation. Use multiple color codes to highlight priority tickets and resolve them faster.

Ticket Reports and Dashboards

Get a 360-degree view of your customer support service and dig deeper to discover new means to enhance customer service levels. Get access to real-time reports and analytics such as total response time, individual service rep performance reports, total tickets closed, etc. and efficiently utilize this insightful information to make informed decisions.
Analyze your key performance indicators with easy graphical representations and constantly monitor team performance to set higher benchmarks.
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