Digital lead generation

Digital marketing commands your attention and with the dizzying array of platforms, including SEO, PPC, social media, and mobile app development, are you confident of your ability to unlock their full potential? It can be confusing, not to mention time-consuming. If you already have a dedicated marketing team, you may assume you’re safe. Not so fast. Recent research showed a decline in confidence from in-house marketing teams, with the majority stating their skill levels are only satisfactory. Technologies change fast and you must be on the front foot to stay ahead of your competitors. Whether you’re not doing enough or throwing everything at it and hoping something sticks, the benefit could be so much more!

Worksbot is a full-service agency that tackles all aspects of digital marketing, We are ideally sized in the sense that we have the reputation and capacity to handle complex, high-revenue campaigns but not so big that our clients are made to feel like ‘just another number’.

Our close-knit team of digital specialists live and breathe marketing and take genuine delight in growing businesses’ revenue. We work tenaciously to get you results and won’t rest until you are satisfied; and even then we will continue to push for ways to further optimise and add value to your digital strategy.

There are many businesses who’ll confess to a rather haphazard approach to their digital marketing. Most realise it is increasingly important but are unaware of its full potential; least of all how to harness it. Your digital ‘return on investment’ does not come down to chance- it is accrued through effort and insight. Dabbling in one or two platforms such as Facebook and SEO but neglecting others and not setting an overarching strategy to tie them together, will leave holes in your marketing plan that go undetected and cost you business.

Even if you already have an in-house team in charge of digital marketing activities, chances are the strategy is not sufficient in getting maximum customer reach, engagement, and sales. If you are a successful entrepreneur or a growth-focused business leader you need to work with an agency who is willing to connect your strategy to the bigger picture and work towards your end goals.

Worksbot will do a comprehensive audit of your current strategy to understand your challenges to date, and identify new opportunities. We will develop measurable strategies designed to grow your brand’s exposure and engagement plus remedy any wasted marketing spend. We then track progress via meaningful conversion data to ensure a proactive, evolving approach that gets clear results.

At Worksbot Digital we are fully confident of our ability to achieve the winning formula that is currently eluding you.

  • SEO
  • Adwords / SEM / PPC
  • Remarketing
  • Social Media
  • Branding


"Our SEO experience will impress you. Almost as much as the results. "

People often choose us for our SEO experience. And why not. SEO is our first love. But being India’s most experienced SEO company isn’t what keeps clients with us. It’s the results. Rapid, sustainable SEO results.

Our approach is much more selective. Like using a scalpel – a really sharp one – to carve out a niche at the top of the most relevant and therefore effective Google rankings.

An SEO strategy based on the most relevant keywords is important because greater relevance means more qualified traffic. Qualified traffic means more enquiries, conversions and sales.

That’s why our dedicated SEO account manager will take the time to understand your business and goals as comprehensively as our SEO specialists will research the search terms that are most likely to drive more traffic to your site.

  • SEO companies are a dime-a-dozen – just do a search online; but that’s not Worksbot. Our highly evolved processes and bottom-line focused team can deliver you a finely tuned digital experience.
  • In addition to an always-on, 24/7/365 online marketing presence, an effective SEO strategy provides:
  • Direct access to ready-to-buy customers who are searching for your products and services
  • A sustained presence in organic SEO search results (where 80% of people click)
  • A potentially unlimited source of free, targeted and qualified Google traffic
  • Brand kudos derived from the trusted nature of organic SEO results


Organic search and SEO should always be an important part of your marketing but there are times when Pay-Per-Click / SEM is also justified to deliver the most efficient ROI for your marketing. And these days Adwords is the most powerful advertising platform available for most businesses.

Managed well it can deliver reliable, qualified traffic at a cost-effective price. But a poorly managed Adwords account could be costing you a lot of money. It is very easy to burn through your budget with little result if your Adwords campaign is not set up and managed professionally, which is why engaging an experienced Adwords agency is crucial.

Sticky focuses on PPC campaigns that deliver optimal CPA and return on investment for more scalable, efficient marketing.

PPC is a form of digital advertising that allows your business to bid on popular, commonly searched key phrases relevant to your industry. By placing your business at the top of appropriate search results page with a strong message, PPC advertising can drive relevant, qualified traffic to your website at a manageable cost.

In keeping with the Worksbot philosophy of working with industry-leading experts, we have partnered with one of Australia’s top SEM (search engine marketing) teams to provide an unparalleled level of insight, management and professionalism to your campaign.

Worksbot can help develop and manage a dynamic Pay-Per-Click campaign to help drive visitors, enquiries and sales via your website. If you are currently running a PPC campaign but aren’t achieving the results you need, our expert team can analyse and fine-tune the campaign to drive optimal Cost Per Acquisition.


"Imagine being able to advertise to website visitors – AFTER they’ve left your site?"

Website abandonment is one of your biggest frustrations as a website owner. You spend so much time and money attracting visitors to your website, only to have them leave – never getting another chance to communicate with them again.

Remarketing changes the game. It allows you to keep your brand, products or services top of mind after visitors have left your website.

Think of it like real world branding, except online and targeted to people who have already shown interest in your products or services, so they’re more receptive to your advertising.

And that’s the secret behind the success of remarketing. It leverages the intent generated by all of your other marketing efforts to produce a better overall return on your marketing investment!

Leverages all your marketing:

No matter which marketing channel drives visitors to your website, Remarketing will help ensure that you get a better result – boosting engagement, conversion and sales.

Frequency = Success

This old adage of traditional marketing holds true in the digital space too. Keeping your brand at the forefront of people’s minds through regular exposure is critical in moving them towards engaging your business.

Boosts Conversion:

Remarketing’s ability to build the perceive quality of your brand and pull people back into your website leads to increased conversion across all your marketing. It gives website owners a second “bite of the cherry” in terms of turning visitors into customers.

Where historically display advertising has been a hit and miss proposition for advertisers, Remarketing lets you advertise across some of the internet’s most valuable ad inventory.

Whether you’re looking to build your brand, draw people back to your website, or just encourage them to finally pick up the phone and make an enquiry, our Remarketing specialists will craft a campaign that delivers

Social Media

"Strategic advertising, not shouting."

For any business, social media shouldn’t be about ‘shouting’ how great you are across Facebook, Instagram, ect. It should be used to grow customer loyalty, build brand value and most importantly help your business grow.

Our Social media advertising service develops advertising campaigns that not only connect your audience with your brand, but also drive real business results.

Social media advertising strategy developed by our digital specialists will help ensure that you get a better result – boosting engagement, conversion and sales.

Your dedicated account manager is always on hand should you wish to change the messaging or budget for your campaigns. It’s this control and flexibility that’s made us fastest growing Digital Marketing agency.


Brand is the expression of your Your strategy through how it looks and sounds across all touchpoints. Ensuring your brand is articulated with clarity is essential to forming an emotional bond and ongoing loyalty with your consumer.

In most cases you will have direct competitors selling similar, if not the same products. Your brand identity works to demonstrate the factors defined in your strategy that make you, uniquely you. The emotional connectors that engage the consumer and position your product or service as more desirable. It’s what allows premium products to charge prices above the status quo.

Building a strong strategic brand helps to create a genuine connection with your most desired customer. Building trust is the ultimate shortcut to a buying decision.

By many, branding is now considered the most successful business tool a company can have. A company’s brand value is such a large part of its assets.

The benefits of building a strategic brand, and brand identity, are:

  • Your identity and all communications will accurately reflect your company’s purpose, values and personality
  • Your identity and all communications will connect with your target market.
  • You will have a Brand Blueprint to use as a guide for any future activity. The Brand Blueprint becomes a tool to sense check all decisions in the business
  • You will have the ability to build a holistic brand, i.e the same message communicated through every facet of the brand
  • Your staff will have a clear understanding of what the brand is all about, which will achieve greater advocacy throughout the company, and everyone they come into contact with.
  • Building a strong strategic brand will build a powerful asset – brands drive business. Once a customer connects with a brand on an emotional level they become brand loyal.