Create and Send Emails That Drives Sales and Build A Strong Customer Base

Measurable Campaignss
Less Manual Handling

Pre-Built Templates

Personalized Notifications

Sync Contacts

Managing clientele has never been so easy. Worksbot CRM offers a one-stop solution to your customer database management problems by providing a single platform to sync all your contacts. You can sync contacts from your social media, Google accounts, excel sheets, and other channels, customize your email folders according to your requirements.
Use our email marketing software to build your contact database via various web forms, pop-ups, exit intents, etc. and directly sync them into your email list.

Contact Segmentation

Your number of subscribers is ideally larger than your number of customers. Many of your subscribers are potential customers and so identifying and segmenting them is crucial to generate revenue.
Our marketing software helps you segment your subscribers based on age, gender, location and preferences, using custom filters and target your email campaigns by time zone and region to deliver messages during business hours. Segmentation also promotes personalization of emails, which in turn leads to better customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Personalize your Content

Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates. Make your prospects feel special by personalizing emails with our CRM software. Segment contacts and send them emails with personalized subject lines and product recommendations.
Segregation of your contact database also enhances your subscribers’ email experience as the right messages are crafted for the right people. Merge fields within the email marketing automation software, pull information from all your contact lists and personalize your emails in less than minutes.

Web to Lead

Web-to-lead is a process of capturing your website visitors’ information through web forms and saving this data in your database for further nurturing your potential prospects.
Worksbot CRM software helps you create easy-to-make web-to-lead forms and automatically stores your visitors’ data for future reference. Nurture the new leads by sending them automated welcome emails and score them according to their actions performed. You can define lead scoring parameters and automatically route qualified leads to your sales team. The web-to-lead tool makes it easy for you to drive leads through your sales funnel.

Email Template Creation

Save time and effort processing repetitive customer queries with the prefabricated email templates in Worksbot CRM. Impress your customers with quick responses while you encourage them to seal the deal. The creative and discreet email templates are fully customizable with easy-to-use drag-and-drop options, enables you to enhance your customer experience and email open rates.

Target Audience

Know your audience before initiating email campaigns. With our email marketing automation software, segment and tag your customer database to target the right audience with the right content. Segregate audiences based on demographics, geographic, lead score, behavioral patterns, preferences, and so on.
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