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Create Campaigns and Nurture Your Prospects

Converting prospects to customers can be a daunting process for your sales team. But our robust lead management system helps you to effortlessly drive your prospects from the initial brand awareness phase to the ultimate sales closure phase. Create campaigns, add triggers to push drip email campaigns at various stages of the sales funnel, and automate lead nurturing to convert more sales. Capture leads, nurture them with personalized sales activities and convert them into loyal customers.

Capture Leads Effortlessly

Data has been a crucial resource to drive business revenue ever since the millennials started using the internet to display personal information. All the information you require to run successful marketing campaigns is lying out there. It only matters how smartly you can capture this information before your competitors do. Leverage on Worksbot CRM’s advanced web-to-lead forms, exit intents, landing pages, etc., to capture crucial lead information such as contact details, location details, and personal preferences, and more. Also, identify the lead sources and automatically store all this data in your contact database.

Lead Qualification Made Easy

Filter your lead contact data and transfer the potential business opportunities to your sales team. Save time and dime, identifying and qualifying potential leads through the lead scoring approach. Set your lead scoring criteria based on your prospects’ responses to your marketing campaigns. Consider positive responses like opening and replying to an email. Once a lead score reaches a threshold, forward them to your sales team for further nurturing.

Prioritize Leads

The sales team often deals with a large number of leads during peak business hours. But not every lead offers potential business opportunities and requires an immediate course of action. Hence you need to prioritize the profitable ones. The lead management tool in CRM software enables you to classify the valuable leads and help process them faster. Track crucial leads that require immediate attention and share them across your team members for better results.

Lead Distribution

Lead management can be quite tiresome without a smooth team collaboration. Ensure equal lead distribution across your team by pre-defining workflow rules and route leads efficiently to optimize follow-ups. You can segment your leads based on custom criteria such as location, demographics, customer preferences, etc., and distribute leads accordingly. Assign the segment leads to the sales reps who have experience in handling clients from that particular location.

Track and Discover Lead Status

Do you often wonder why you lose or win a deal? With our lead management software, you can now monitor lead status and keep a record of reasons for failure or success to each deal in your sales pipeline. The software tracks your sales pipeline for new, pending, and untouched deals to enable easy monitoring and supervising of various business opportunities.
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