Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Clients and candidates alike have many choices when it comes to engaging with a professional recruitment firm. But at Worksbot, we think there’s only one choice.

Our promise to you is to provide a superior employment experience whether you are a candidate or we are engaging with your organization. It all starts with our commitment to deep specialization in core disciplines. Our expertise comes from years of working side by side with the top global companies in all the local markets they serve. While our competitors think recruiting is an art, we believe it is also a science. Unique among all other recruiting agencies, we have our own Research and development team dedicated to uncovering the best ways to attract, select, engage and retain talent. Our psychologists, linguists, economists and technologists have come together to create proprietary tools that scientifically determine the right fit for clients and candidates, significantly reducing the element of risk from the hiring process.

Unlike other firms, we know key industries and critical job functions firsthand because we have worked in them. Hudson’s recruiters aren’t just kids out of college. Our seasoned professionals partner with clients to assess their true needs and deliver customized staffing solutions, the way only an insider can.

  • Worksbot works with you in active partnership to solve your HR and recruitment needs. We adopt an open, accountable approach and enjoy a strong ethical reputation.
  • Our efficient and cost-effective recruitment model can save up to 80% on your current recruitment spend. We're sure to have the ideal recruitment solution for your workforce management.
  • The experience and expertise of our professional recruitment team enables us to deliver your business a comprehensive suite of services.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO allows businesses to streamline their recruitment function by having an external service provider, like Worksbot, embedded within their business, cutting financial and temporal costs. We can work in an on-site or off-site capacity, for the short or the long-term: it completely depends on what is required by your business! From the outset, Worksbot can work with you to create a program you control and own. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an ideal model to work with for this reason; it gives you control of the process and effective results and is also a way in which to reduce admin burdens and acquire QUALITY candidates.

We cover a wide range of business types, including Mining, Information technology,FMCG, Retail, Industrial,Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical and many others, helping us deliver you an experienced, knowledgeable team, no matter what industry you operate in.

A Specialist Partnership

Positioned on-site, our professional team works hand-in-hand with your HR function in order to understand your existing process and adapt it appropriately. This allows us to gain an accurate insight into your needs and the work culture you intend on building and maintaining. From here, our dedicated specialists run your entire program, from advertising to supplier liaison, application filtering and candidate recommendation, freeing up your management team to focus on essential business functions. In addition to this, your tailored solution includes performance guarantees and full, accurate reporting to assist with ROI analysis.

HR Consulting

If you’re finding your current Human Resources unsatisfactory, Worksbot HR Consulting Service can guide it to a more desired position. Whether you are looking for an efficient, cost-effective human resources process, or measurable, accountable outcomes, WHR Solutions can tailor an individual program to your business need. We advise on best practice administration to complement your business model and build a dynamic working environment.

Recruitment Process Auditing

Recruitment Process Auditing provides an overview of your existing recruitment process. Highlighting elements of current human resources administration, we can help you identify exactly where you sit regarding your time, cost and quality objectives.

Fresher’s Graduate Programs

If your business model includes a channel of potential employee talent, a fresher’s Graduate Program could be ideal. Worksbot will create a competitive advantage for you by providing education for the fresher according to the requirements of the organization ; building lasting tertiary alliances and securing your position as employer of choice.

Referral Programs

Harnessing your existing employee resources, the Worksbot Referral Program service will save you money, speed up the recruitment cycle and improve candidate quality. Our well executed programs lift staff morale and build positive culture.

HR & Recruitment

By clearly scoping your Recruitment Audit, Worksbot gain a clear picture of your recruiting operation and identify any aspects of special interest. Our assessment takes in a review of your current approach. We investigate whether best practice is in place and the productivity of relationships between internal departments and other business units (local, interstate and off-shore). Stakeholder interviews may take place with management, staff and possibly candidates.

A thorough analysis of financial reports uncovers the actual cost of each recruitment process element and captures any hidden costs. At the conclusion of your Recruitment Audit, we will deliver a comprehensive reportcontaining the finds of your “health check”, offering expert advice on the real impact and cost of your existing system. We will also provide you with a realistic assessment of your potential to improve the recruitment process, reduce cost and boost efficiency.

Worksbot Recruitment Audit will put forward short term interventions and long term strategies. We can support you in implementing the recommended schedule by:

  • developing in-house processes for you to manage
  • assisting with program development
  • supporting program implementation
  • providing full service outsourcing
  • helping you develop and manage a talent pool

Making good strategic and tactical business decisions depends on reliable data and your Recruitment Audit should be treated as a valuable diagnostic tool. Benchmarking your operations against like businesses, it offers objective specialist advice on the health of your recruiting process. After all, any business is only the sum of its people. Healthy recruitment equals happy staff, greater retention and helps you build a choice employer brand to attract and retain top talent.