The culture of on-demand deliveries is becoming more and more prevalent across all industries with every passing day. Companies dealing in logistics and courier management are rapidly adopting smart technologies to increase delivery speed and efficiency.

Calender Management
Task Management
Document Management
WorksbotHub’s logistics and courier management software solutions significantly reduce order fulfillment time and save costs. Our CRM systems are designed to optimize delivery scheduling, route planning and other transportation operations throughout your supply chain, incorporating automated processes in your workflows to achieve optimized service levels and reduce freight costs.

WorksbotHub’s Logistics and Courier Management Software

WorksbotHub CRM software offers users choice and flexibility to accelerate the performance of all teams, increasing business productivity and revenue. Sales, marketing and service modules of our fully integrated software provide end-to-end operations visibility along with real-time updates and reliable reporting based on which you could take informed business decisions. With industry-specific capabilities, our courier management software helps businesses deliver satisfactory customer service, increase productivity and drive growth.
Routing and Logistics

Define masters of vehicles, drivers, routes, schedules to monitor efficiencies. Integrate hand held devices to automate real time data of shipment pickups and deliveries along with GPS integration and tracking.


Manage logistics, courier and freight operations using a real time, online courier management system with advanced tools for pricing, pick up, routing, delivery, acknowledgement and billing.


Categorize customers and segment them in walk-in, retail, corporate and contract customers. Define multiple price books based on different parameters including credit limits, payment terms and business volumes.