Prioritize Request Tickets, Manage Multiple SLAs And Deliver Services on Time

Configure Multiple SLAs
Set Definite Targets
Generate Shareable Reports

Support Remote Clients

Create Custom SLA Rules

Organizations handle hundreds of business accounts day-in and out. It’s always better to lay out a set of rules which clearly define your service level agreements. Create, edit, and update custom SLA rules tailor-made to individual accounts.
Define contract-based SLAs from within the CRM platform such that your customers would understand their service standards and your support team would have clearly defined goals to meet.

Set-up Business Hours

Finding it hard to meet SLAs of client's from different time zones? Pause SLAs whenever necessary such that your service experts aren't to be blamed. Pause your SLAs to suit your business hours or according to your client's time zone. Freeze SLAs when tickets have issues regarding customer responses. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you meet your service standards.

Create SLA Events

Centrahub helps you create SLA events in case of incidents such as the initial agreement between both the parties, SLA violation circumstances, and SLA Jeopardy, etc. Example, you can create an event to agree on the SLAs by clearly defining your service standards and then send it for the first response from your clients.
Once the client accepts the request, you can sign the resolution upon mutual agreement.

SLA Templates

One of the best contact management features would include creating and scheduling tasks and appointments. Centrahub's contact database software comes with a special tool kit which enables its users to schedule tasks and appointments to meet their client's demands.
Create and share tasks with your teammates to never miss a deadline again. Enhance team productivity by automating recurring tasks to save time and dime processing your business requirements..

SLA Reports

Defining SLAs alone is not sufficient. Constant monitoring and analysis of team performance are necessary to live up to the SLAs. Generate daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly SLA reports and monitor service level agreement metrics, and team performance to work towards fulfilling your SLAs.
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