Automate and Customize Pricing Processes for Quick Sales

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Assist Buyers with Accurate Product Informations

Worksbot CRM’s value-based pricing software solution is loaded with features to assist buyers in accessing product information. Add products, describe features, list their prices, and quote availability all in a single document. Create filters like product name, product number, etc. to search for products using shortcuts.
Gain access to Worksbot CRM’s standard fields or create custom fields in product price books to offer your customers complete information. Design price books with a simple user interface so that buyers could self-educate themselves and experience hassle-free shopping.

Create Custom Price Books

Worksbot CRM’s price books could be customized with various pricing and discount models that best suit your business requirements. Create slots for pricing details with the help of dropdown menus to select and unselect an appropriate pricing model.
Create volume-based discount models for individual products of your choice with ‘from’ and ‘to’ as well as discount percentage definition. Attach documents to your sales price books to educate buyers on product information. You could also create individual price books and clone them for further modification.

Enable Location-based Pricingt

A product may vary in price depending on its location of sale. Worksbot CRM offers the facility to customize product prices according to the location. Assign two or more price tags to a single product and categorize it based on the location of the buyer with the help of custom fields to enable full transparency.

Import and Export Data

Save time and effort by seamlessly importing external data into Worksbot CRM’s sales price books. Import product information, price lists and price books, etc. from external sources and edit them before you launch the final draft.
Export product details, price lists and discount offers from within the sales price books to address other business necessities.
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