Campaign Management Made Easy

Worksbot CRM offers a centralized platform to unify all your campaign management efforts. Leverage the latest marketing automation software tools to streamline and manage your campaigns on the CRM software's customizable dashboard. It allows you to create campaign tags to avoid confusion, and thus helps you to instantly sort and filter data.
Track and evaluate website traffic coming from your marketing campaigns. Receive instant updates, which help you keep your finger on the pulse of engagement with your customers. Track customer behavior via various reports and analytics that show individual campaign performances. Review and revise your campaign results and make changes to maximize ROI.

Lead Management

Who doesn't like getting more leads converted? The more, the better. Worksbot marketing automation software is built to attract more leads to your website. It is a user-friendly marketing CRM software that helps you generate, track, distribute, and allocate leads quicker than ever..
Access contact information from our contact management system to create personalized content for your target market. The CRM system segregates leads automatically based on prospects’ reactions to your marketing campaigns and assign a threshold score to qualify leads as sales-ready. Next, forward the sales-ready leads to your sales team for further nurturing.

Create and Manage Deals on Your Fingertips

Unify all your deal management efforts on a single platform. Create multiple deals for the same organization and save every action taken during processing. Establish deal stages and monitor them to identify active and stagnant deals.
Use our cloud CRM software to track deals throughout their lifecycle and update deal status anytime, anywhere. For example, if you are on the call with a client and the deal moves from stage 1 to stage 2, you can instantly update the deal stage and take notes to save for later. Categorize deals and automate deal nurturing campaigns to move deals closer to sales.

Create Email Campaigns

Automate email campaigns for different stages of your sales pipeline. Create personalized emails with multiple drag and drop options like text boxes, images, call-to-action-buttons, etc. Finding this process time-consuming? Do not worry.
Worksbot CRM’s email marketing module includes beautiful email templates that you can choose from. Use the system to categorize leads and send location-based target emails to the right people with the right message. Automate bulk emails by selecting the time and date of delivery. With the email marketing automation tool, track email open rates, number of links clicked, number of unsubscribes, and much more.

Build Compelling Webforms

Worksbot has the best marketing automation tool that helps you build sophisticated web-to-lead forms with no prior coding experience. Create HTML forms with simple drag and drop options and embed them on various communication channels such as social media platforms, emails, webpages, etc. Track the responses to see which channel generates more leads, and focus your efforts on your favorite channels to maximize incoming leads.

Leverage Custom-made Templates

Do you find it difficult to use the CRM software? Unlike most, Worksbot CRM application is easy-to-use and comes with a highly customizable set of features to simplify your efforts. Select from hundreds of prefabricated templates to create emails, web forms, landing pages, and many more. Cut down your work hours by half with this sophisticated marketing automation tools. We have put together the best CRM system that you could imagine.

Create Tasks and Appointments

Worksbot CRM application encourages team participation by creating tasks for your team members and defining deadlines. Continually monitor team performance by analyzing the task completion capabilities of individual team members. Also, ensure on-time project completion with our robust marketing automation software.
The software helps you avoid long thread emails while you schedule an appointment. Generate an online appointment scheduling link and share it across your communication channels to enable easy scheduling of appointments. Organize your calendar with dates and time available for your prospects and customers to choose from.

Marketing Reports and Dashboards

Worksbot CRM’s marketing automation module tracks every conversation initiated, manages individual customer responses and alters your marketing campaigns to maximize ROI. Generate daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to monitor business transactions.
The centralized dashboard allows visualization of business analytics. From customer interactions to team performance, the system can track and analyze all of your metrics to identify loopholes in your organizational processes. Further, graphical representations of reports help you quickly glance through them and make informed decisions.
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