Expert Ticket Management

Deliver exceptional customer service with our advanced customer service CRM. Create a centralized platform to collect customer queries (tickets) from various channels such as email, social media, website, etc. Create helpdesk groups to streamline incoming tickets to different departments of the organization. Sync your forwarding email address with your Google accounts and directly receive emails on your service CRM dashboards. For example, the sales group will only receive enquiries or suggestions related to sales.
Assign incoming tickets to service agents based on their ticket resolution capabilities, expert knowledge areas, and automate ticket assigning based on the keywords and pre-defined rules for routing tickets.

Advanced Customer Management

Manage customers from multiple channels on a single customer service CRM system to avoid errors. Unify customer conversations from email, live chat, social media, etc., and quickly convert them into tickets in your service CRM. Get a 360-degree view of your customers and access to their previous purchase details, live chat records and much more to help your service reps deliver personalized solutions.
Enhance team collaboration with our service automation software. Create groups for sales, marketing, and support team members and transparently collaborate their efforts. Delight customers and prospects with expert customer service with the minimum response time.

Online Calendars

Integrated online calendar in Worksbot CRM helps you create events online and send invitations to contacts from your CRM databased in just a single click. Send reminders and alerts to your team members, prospects, and customers to keep them in the loop.
Share and organize your calendar with your teammates, make relevant updates when needed with the help of drag and drop options, and collaborate with team efforts with complete transparency. Leverage the cloud benefits to add and edit events on the go from your mobile phones.

Customer Survey

The crux of customer-centric organizations lies in the power of understanding customer preferences and interests. So, how well you know your customers make a significant difference in generating business opportunities.
Most of the organizations do not develop their products or services around the pain points of their customers. Unlike them, Worksbot CRM solution is designed to cater to the pain points of your audience. The software includes easy-to-create customer survey forms to help you conduct surveys and understand your audience better..

Resolve Ticket Issues with Ease

The robust service automation tools in Worksbot CRM helps you resolve tickets like never before. Use the after-sales service CRM to segregate incoming tickets with the help of ticket labels and add triggers to send canned responses to repeatedly asked questions.

Time Tracking

Service reps handle hundreds of customer enquiries day-in and out. Aid your support team members in resolving tickets without failure with the help of time-triggered automation. Create ticket maintenance workflows according to the time gaps in which a customer query has been untouched. For example, create a ticket maintenance routine after every one week an issue remains unsolved. Thus, automatic follow-up protocols ensure your prospects' trust stays intact..
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